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The Truth of God's Word lights up our lives with its power of Love.  Nightsounds is committed to bringing this Truth to the world - through programming that is deeply relevant to the lives of everyone.

With this in mind, Nightsounds,with host Bill Pearce has developed a unique audio library.  This library is now available 24/7 on convenient CDs and is an invaluable source of comfort.

You may order these topical sets individually or as a complete set of 50 for yourself; or as a gift to a family member, friend, your local church, nursing home, college, or hospital for their library.

These special collections will become an important part of daily life... encouraging, educating and giving the opportunity to assist in ministering to others.

We trust that these programs will provide a special ministry to your life, that together we may...."grow in the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2Peter 3:18 NIV)

Jean Brown, Executive Director.

P O Box 8769
Rockford, IL 61126
This special collection consists of 400 programs on compact disc for a total of fifty sets. Each set comes in a Nightsounds binder and contains eight programs. This collection has a long life of ministry and gives many hours of inspiration and encouragement.
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God need not be a stranger to us.
Learning to trust the Lord.
Join Him as He shares the still waters.
Beyond Words
Happy faces, tones of voice are wonderful prescriptions for healing.
There's hope and promise.
Christ's passion for compassion starts with self then shared.
Dealing With Our Emotions
Difficult feelings can be overcome
Awareness and understanding of the battles against depression.
Each one of us is a special creation of God.
Economic Jitters
Positive testing ground of our Faith.
Be uplifted with Him in love and grace.
What if...choices we make in life.
Trials can deepen our understanding of God and His mercy and power.
Includes the theme song, Beau Soir and narration of the Marriage Prayer
Bring fear into focus.
There's no limit to forgiveness through God.
If you run up against a wall ask the Lord for a boost.
Getting To Know You
You are special and distinctive for many reasons.
Got A Minute
Focuses on faith, emotions and belief.
In giving us emotions God also gave us ways to express them.
Why we can laugh when we want to cry or give up.
Offers hope as it deals with pain and suffering.
The Lord's plan for personal well being.
Life's Choices
Common and spiritual sense through the eyes of the Savior.
Life's Struggles
Learn the positive benefits of pain and suffering.
God can transform it for the good of others.
Begin to understand God's Love as we reach out to others.
Peaceful and productive thoughts.
Music & Melody
Variety of musical styles that help minister the Word.
New Beginnings
Shares the spiritual worth of living one day at a time.
Off To Work
Your mission field.
Peace is the answer to any or all of life's challenges.
Personal Touch
Celebrating our uniqueness.
Poetry & Classics
Music and readying of poetry.
More can be done by prayer than anything else.
Quiet Place
The Rich Trombone of Bill Pearce
Quiet moments, peace through Christ.
Qualities that lead to spiritual and personal recovery.
Romance vs. love, risk with forgiveness.
God has a specific plan for the life of each Christian.
Sleep deprivation drains the spirit and body.
Soul Friends
The means of caring.
Spiritual Growth
Find spirit and strength in the Lord.
Stepping Up
Bill shares the ups and downs of growing older.
Uplifting account of what it takes to walk in the wilderness.
Our greatest sense of peace can come out of life's darkest hours.
Support System
Life's rhythm and flow are in God's love.
How to overcome negative thinking.
We grow step by step.
Unconditional Love
Only the Father could love us as we are.
Eight nightsounds programs themed for women.
Some of God's children's many and varied questions.
Young World
Parental example and stability influence children greatly.